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What is life coaching for kids?

Life coaching for children is about bringing balance into life, creating new habits related to making healthy lifestyle choices, that not only build a sense of self-worth, but improve the overall quality of life.

Life coaching for children is fundamentally about equipping children with a toolkit for navigating their daily choices.

When children become active participants in making their own everyday choices, they feel empowered to excel.

The Kids Life Studio® has developed a unique child-friendly coaching model that is directly related to the needs of the developing brain.

When children feel the benefits of working with a Kids life coach, it becomes a powerful motivator for maintaining balanced daily habits and routines that impact positively on their mental well-being.

How does it work?

Worldwide, good kids are making bad choices because of influences on their outside world.

Children are labelled and the labels can impact them negatively.

Kids coaching believes in teaching children how they have the power to control their ‘inside world’ being their thoughts and emotions, as well as ‘enabling labels’.

Steering clear of “fixing” what is wrong, and rather embracing every child’s uniqueness and showing them that they have the power to control what they think and feel.

We set up a tailor-made coaching plan by asking parents or care-givers to do a comprehensive Kids Life Studio® Lifestyle Assessment.

This helps us to understand the child’s unique factors impacting on their potential.

We offer:

  • Practical and measurable short-term support to everyday children with everyday challenges.
  • We provide children with a tangible toolkit, that offers hands on solutions to challenges they may be facing before they spiral out of control.
  • We focus on the present, without deconstructing the past and previous issues.
  • We provide a place for children to just be themselves, where they feel accepted and they can learn and grow with our unconditional, unconventional, upbeat, upliftment.

What is the Lifestyle assessment test?

“We understand that at various times in their lives, children will have different levels of happiness and this is sometimes influenced by external circumstances beyond their control.”

The purpose of this Lifestyle Assessment is obtain a good overview of where a child may be encountering success or challenges relating to the following 10 Areas:

Social skills

Sleeping patterns

Physical well-being

Physical well-being

Eating patterns

Eating patterns



External/Toxic influences

School environment

Family dynamics

Stress relating to life

Rather than focus purely on the problem at hand, we fully assess all areas in your child’s life so that we can focus on creating positive lifestyle habits that create lasting change.

Our solutions are proactive rather than reactive and we achieve measurable results because we fully assess every child before we recommend a plan of action.

We do this by asking parents to complete our online Kids Life Studio® Lifestyle Assessment that helps us to understand the child’s unique situation and the underlying factors that may be impacting on their potential so that we can best meet their needs.

When you participate in this assessment, you will need to set aside approximately 20 – 30 minutes so that you have the time to reflect and

accurately provide responses to 250 statements relating to your child’s environmental influences and behavior.

You will do this by using an easy rating scale and your responses will be calculated and converted into a percentage score that acts as a blueprint for creating a measurable plan of action.

After you have completed this Kids Life Studio® Lifestyle Assessment, you will be provided with a graph that will highlight the areas that could benefit from improvement in your child’s life and you will also be guided through some options for action steps that you can take.

If you choose to enrol your child in our Kids Life Studio® Coaching program, you will be asked to do the assessment again so that we can compare results, review and track improvements.


We believe that in order to give the best value and achieve the goals, children need to complete the full course. Our Foundation Coaching packages are all inclusive (no hidden costs) We include:


  • Initial Telephonic/E-mail Conversation
  • Pre & Post Coaching Online Lifestyle Assessments
  • Pre & Post Coaching Face to face family consultation

Session breakdown

  • 4 x 45 minute sessions
  • 4 x 30 minute fortnightly sessions
  • 4 x 30 minute monthly sessions


  • Individual programme drawn up to suit needs of client including monitoring of goals
  • Regular feedback and support to parents/caregivers and teachers
  • Structured weekly activities for parents and children
  • Home Based programme
  • A motivational Kit bag

We’re globally recognised for our unique child friendly approach that is based on leading research on how children think, learn, act and behave

Debbie Mccrystal

I am a student at heart with a passion to create change. I’m also a mom of 2 budding young teenagers! My background is in psychology, and teaching with almost 2 decades of experience.

I have worked in Private schools and with impoverished, mainstream and special needs and the common thread in all is that children just want to be seen, heard and loved.

One day I decided to study adult life coaching and the more I read the more I felt driven to the realization that as great as it is for adults, the ideal would be to create a world where children are given the tools to become conscious, self-loving, authentic beings who have enough self-confidence and self-respect to stand up for themselves and strive for what they want because they know they truly deserve it. (I know I would probably not have taken so long to find my purpose if I’d had them!)

This realization led me to dig a little deeper into if there was such a thing and that’s when I stumbled on the Kids Life Studio, founded by Zelna Louwrens. Her research and experience confirmed everything I had been thinking. Which is why I signed up immediately and am now a qualified Kids life coach.

I believe parents are swamped with huge amounts of stress and responsibility resulting in a world of guilt when it comes to their kids. I believe kids are carrying more than they ever historically have and this is creating stress,

anxiety and depression statistics in children never before seen. Toxic stress/external influences is one of the biggest problems in our society and it affects everyone no matter who they are or where they come from.

Malnutrition is not just in the poverty-stricken areas and anxiety not only in adults.

Divorce, abuse, loss, addictions, technology, bullying the list goes on and the pressure on children grows.

I don’t believe we can change this and I don’t believe life should be stress-free. I do believe that what is desperately needed is a space for children to learn about and create their own balance. To be themselves freely, without labels, pressure and unachievable expectations. Where they are given unconditional care that will, using the language they speak, teach them the tools they need to have confidence in themselves and know how to manage and deal with their thoughts and emotions. A place where they can learn they have the power to choose how they are going to live each day because they control their bodies, emotions and decisions.

My dream, is to create a world of conscious balanced little humans who humbly but boldly embrace life!

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